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Restoring peace to your life

We have learned, from dealing with thousands of home disasters, that what can often be the hardest part of the restoration process for a property owner isn’t a temporary relocation or even the loss of treasured personal possessions, but the uncertainty that surrounds the entire experience. What was lost? Can the damage be repaired? Who is working on my property? When will my home or business be like it was before?

That is why National First Response created Claimsparency™.

Claimsparency™ is an Internet-based system that brings transparency to the claims and restoration process, allowing property owners and insurance representatives to see in real-time where a home is in the restoration process. The openness that comes with being Claimsparent™ makes it easier for your insurance carrier to clearly see the damage that was done, allowing their claims adjuster to quickly approve repair requests, speeding the restoration process.

Claimsparency™ allows you to ask questions, make comments, and upload documents and photographs. When you log in you can view:

  • A timeline of restoration activities, including photographs from the first task to the last.
  • Those people working on the claim, including your insurance adjuster, project manager, technicians and other craftsmen.
  • A real-time blog that details the completed tasks and notes anything out of the ordinary.
  • A detailed list of your personal property, both salvageable and non-salvageable.
  • The complete archive of all documents – contracts, warranties, scopes of work, subcontractor bids, etc.—that will be forever stored in Claimsparency.
  • A countdown clock for when the restoration is projected to be complete.

To log into Claimsparency™, go to, enter your insurance policy number and claim number, and you’ll see the Claimsparent™ dashboard for your restoration.